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Intervention efficace discrète. Alors n'hésitez pas à me contacter

Effective intervention discreet. So do not hesitate to contact me

Welcome to Hadj Yacob website

A long line of African marabouts

Hadj Yacob is a prominent African marabout, healer, seer and medium. Stemming from the tradition, he practices ancestral rituals, passed on from generation to generation. He is the direct heir of the great power of “Lantaboura”. Initiated since childhood by his ancestors in Africa, the great Yacob is the only one still active marabout who mastered this secret.

Unusual faculties

The great marabout Hadj Yacob use rare skills. He masters for more than 30 years magic and occult forces, as no one before him. He is recognized by his peers and has been repeatedly rewarded. Symbol of his success, he was voted "best marabout of the Year" for two consecutive years (2012-13) by Africable chain. His fame transcends borders, you have already seen him on TV, or in major conferences devoted to African rites and customs. Visit the page dedicated to stories!

A vast area of ​​intervention

Whatever your problem is, Hadj Yacob will deal with them: nothing can resist to him! He made the sentimental theme its specialty [link], but is equally skillful to accompany your daily life, to help in your work, family ... for example:

Do not hesitate contact this marabout seeing medium African.


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