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Intervention efficace discrète. Alors n'hésitez pas à me contacter

Effective intervention discreet. So do not hesitate to contact me


The marabout medium seer and healer Yacob is primarily altruistic and benevolent. His sole purpose is to help men and women in difficulty who consult him. Thus the cost of the consultation is fixed, but as each case is unique (more or less complicated), several sessions may be needed. At this time, the overall cost will depend on the timeliness of results: with this formula you will inevitably win!

For any consultation enjoy a diagnosis

If you're struggling to move or you are away, do not deprive yourself of the services of the great Hadj Yacob! He carries out consultations by telephone, Internet or home [link p7]

As an indication, the cost of a single consultation, on-site or distance is 45 €

For remote operation, you can make direct online payments safely. PayPal is used by millions of people, it allows the realization of transaction in blue card or account to account with ease. [Paypal links].

Do not hesitate contact this marabout seeing medium African.


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